Antonio Xavier Trindade: An Indian Painter from Portuguese Goa

Table of Contents:
The Origin and Early Hisory of the Bombay School of Painting: by Bradley Tindall
Antonio Xavier Trindade: A Biography: by Marcella Sirhandi
Catalogue of the Exhibition: by Marcella Sirhandi
Angela Trindade, Indian Artist: by William Eiland
Antonio Xavier Trindade: A Remembrance: by Nans Ghumman
This catalog accompanied an exhibition of 40 paintings by Trindade (1870-1935) at the University of Georgia Museum and preceded the transfer of paintings to the Trindade Museum in Goa. The artist's biography examines his childhood and his student years at the Sir J J School of Art in Bombay where, after graduation, he became a member of the faculty in 1921. Trindade was regarded as one of Bombay's leading realist painters at the turn of the century. He used watercolor on paper with the equal expertise that he handled oil on canvas. While many of his paintings were portraits of famous Indian personalities such as Annie Besant and stalwarts of Bombay society like Lady Ratan Tata, he also did paintings of family and friends. Not completely divorced from the exotic and romantic style of his predecessors and contemporaries, Trindade painted themes of pining beloveds and village themes with particular interest of the belle at the well. His vignettes in watercolor of historic places in India are among the highest quality of painterly craftsmanship and composition of his time period. They are purely western in style and technique, but exhibit an intimacy with local lifestyle that distinguishes his work from that of contemporary European artists painting in India.

Trindade, Miss Ferns, a Writer, 1925
Trindade, Miss Ferns, a Writer, 1925

Trindade, Esther, The Artist's Youngest Daughter age 15
Trindade, Esther, The Artist's Youngest Daughter age 15

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