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Publications in the Arts of South Asia

Marcella Sirhandi's Select Publications (Click on Titles or Images to Find Out More)

A Journey to Afghanistan: How I Became an Art Historian

Contemporary Miniature Painting in Pakistan: Bashir Ahmad and his Legacy

Bashir Ahmad Kangra Princess 1994 Bashir Ahmad with M.F. Husain and National College of Arts Faculty 2004

Royal Nepal: Through the Lens of Richard Gordon Matzene

Richard Gordon Matzene Nepalese Prime Minister



Lubna Agha: Points of Reference

Agha, Three Days, 1985 Agha, Rehel III, 2006 Lubna Agha painting a canvas c. 2010

Contemporary Painting in Pakistan

Brahma and Mrigenda SJB Rana  photograph by R.G. Matzene My Wife   by Ahmad Pervaiz King and Queen  by Sadeqain

Antonio Xavier Trindade: An Indian Painter from Portuguese Goa

Trindade, Miss Ferns, a Writer, 1925 Trindade, Esther, The Artist's Youngest Daughter age 15SELF-PORTRAIT OF TRINDADE

Jamini Roy: Bengali Artist of Modern India (1887-1972)

Jamini Roy, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, c. 1945 Jamini Roy in his Studio with a guest c. 1950 SANTHAL DRUMMERS  BY JAMINI




Modern Indian Works on Paper, Collection of Umesh Gaur, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Zimmerli Art Museum Rutgers University, 2006

Modern Indian Works on Paper, Collection of Umesh Gaur, New Brunswick, New jersey, Zimmerli Art Mueum Rutgers University, 2006HANUMAN BY GANESH PYNEON WAY TO MY HOME   BY MADHVI PAREKH

Contemporary Indian Art, CAA Art Journal, 58 #3 Fall 1999, pp 7-57

Contemporary Indian ArtCIRCUS   BY MANJIT BAWA

Abdur Rahman Chughtai: A Modern Pakistani Artist: PhD Dissertation The Ohio State University, Written under the name Marcella Nesom


Atlas of World Art Edited by John Onions 2004

South Asia 1800-1900South Asia 1800-1900 South Asia 1900-2000South Asia 1900-2000

Mohan Samant: Modernist Indo-American Painter

Samant: Shri Lanka Dahan and the Agony of Ravanna, 1990Samant: Sarangi Nawaz,2002 Mohan Samant with Hillary ClintonSamant: Blind singer with Swaramandala

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